This section highlights most of CCDS’ local-level projects since the beginning of the organization. If you have a question about any of these projects, please contact us.

Youth Transition

The Canadian Centre on Disability studies conducted a small research project for Inclusion Winnipeg in early fall of 2017 to support the organization in preliminary program development for a youth program. The research team has conducted a literature review and environmental scan that will be presented in a final report for February 2018. The research will provide a preliminary descriptive analysis of the challenges, barriers and opportunities facing youth with disabilities and their families to assist Inclusion Winnipeg in designing a program.

Welcoming Communities: Creating Visitable Housing in Winnipeg

The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies received a grant from the Winnipeg Foundation in 2008. This community capacity building project has developed and implemented a Winnipeg-based “Visitability Education and Awareness Campaign” which has been a catalyst for learning and action in private housing in Winnipeg.

Persons with Disabilities as Caregivers:  Understanding Support Requirements and the Path to Developing Effective Models for Caregiving Assistance: 2008–2009

The purpose of this nine-month project (funded by Human Resources and Social Development Canada) is to focus on a range of issues that exist for people with disabilities as they contemplate or assume the role of informal “caregivers” to other adults.

Finding Our Way Home: Housing Options in Inner-City Winnipeg for People with Disabilities Who Are Dying: 2004

This project encompasses three pertinent social issues; inner city housing, end of life transitions, and barriers experienced by people with disabilities. Each of these stands on its own as an important topic for study. Merging these three streams not only compounds issues but also brings forward new concerns that have, according to our research, never been identified before. Sustaining the impetus to forge into such unexplored territory is never easy, but the assistance and commitment of a number of individuals and organizations made it possible. It is funded by the Winnipeg Inner-City Research Alliance.